Curry Generates Cash To Spend For Sales Tax Project; More Than $500000 In Back Already

If support can be measured in dollars and cents, Mayor Lenny Curry’s push for voters to authorize a special sales tax Aug. 30 to pay for the city’s $2.8 billion pension financial obligation is on the right track.

A political committee, Yes for Jacksonville, so far has actually raised more than $528,000 given that late April, leaving little doubt that Curry will make great on his word that he will have a seven-figure spending plan to construct a political project around his concept.

At the same time, a standing political committee, established by Curry supporters to support the mayor and his program, has actually raised more than $628,000 given that in 2014 and still has about $292,000 of that on hand. The committee, Construct Something That Lasts, spent a few of that money earlier this year making contributions to legislators who were vital in passing a law that allowed Curry’s pension-tax concept to be placed on the August tally. However the group’s efforts to raise money have not stopped.

Curry has lots of political capital– in the actual sense– heading into the summertimesummer season when he will make a difficult push for his sales tax plan. He desireswishes to enact a half-cent sales tax that would begin after the Better Jacksonville Plan’s sales tax expires in 2030 and would be entirely devoted to Jacksonville’s $2.8 billion pension financial obligation.

Voters are largely not yet tuned into the issue, according to Michael Binder, a University of North Florida political science professor who runs the school’s Public Opinion Research study Lab.


Yet traces of opposition have actually begun to emerge, from public remarks throughout City Council meetings to letters to the editor and a grassroots site advising homeowners to “Simply Vote NO!!”

Critics question the mechanics of Curry’s concept– it is unclear, for instance, how a tax 14 years in the future might supply spending plan relief in the interim– and some want commitments on how any cost savings would be invested, a problem the mayor has not been preparedwanted to explain.

“I don’t think this is going to be a 70-30 kind of vote,” Binder said. “We have a hostility to taxes, particularly here in North Florida. Even Democrats are kind of negative to taxes.”

The Aug. 30 ballot provides some obstacles for Curry.

The ballot will also have party primaries for US Senate, US House, state legal races, state attorney and public protector– manythe majority of which are closed, meaning just registered Democrats and Republicans can enact their respective party nomination races.

Curry’s group will have to make sure homeowners know, however, that any Duval County registered voter can vote on his tax plan.

“For Democrats, if you’re not in [United States Rep.] Corrine Brown’s district, you really have nothing to choose,” Binder said. “Exactly what they’re really going to needhave to focus on is getting individuals who are helpful of it to the surveys.”

The summer likewise has high-profile news events that will make breaking through the noise harder and more expensive. The Summer seasons Olympics will inhabit manythe majority of August. Before that, the Democratic and Republican celebrations hold their presidential conventions in late July.

Curry has actually already constructed a group of bipartisan city leaders to assist push his concept, reinforced by his respected fundraising.

Curry’s political efforts largely have actually been funded by a group of effective and loyal financial backers, numerousa lot of whom proved essential in Curry’s mayoral election last year. Insurance coverage executive Tom Petway, for example, has guided hundreds of countless donations to Curry. Donations from Petway, his family and businesses tied to him total more than $600,000, including contributions to Curry’s project last year, Construct Something That Lasts and Yes for Jacksonville.

He’s also found friends in former challengers.

In the latest round of contributions to Yes for Jacksonville, Jaguars owner Shad Khan donated $50,000, with another $100,000 coming directly from the Jaguars. Khan supported Curry’s opponent, former Mayor Alvin Brown, in the 2015 mayoral race.

Nate Monroe: -LRB-904-RRB- 359-4289

Preparation For Exactly What Happens After Death Is Wise Monetary Relocation– Cash Matters

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  • Church Throwing A Lifeline To Individuals With Poor Mental Health

    Church throwing a lifeline to people with poor mental health

    A local church has told how it is assisting individuals with anxiety, anxiety and other mental conditions to find brand-new hope.

    The parish of City Evangelical Church runs a debt centre in collaboration with the charity Christians Against Poverty.

    They discover that bad mental health typically runs hand-in-hand with monetary problems and, throughout this Mental Health Awareness Week, the centre is highlighting that debt assistance and relationship are readily available in your area.

    South Leeds CAP Financial obligation Centre Supervisor Julia Johnson stated:

    If you’ve no cash however you’re getting consistent needs, threatening letters and telephone call, it’s very difficult. There’s the fear of losing your home, the worry of not being a good moms and dad, relationships feeling the pressure. It’s not surprising that a quarter of our clients explain themselves as having poor mental health.

    Nevertheless, it likewise goes the other way. Debt can likewise be a spin-off of an ongoing condition. It’s much more difficult to be working and earning if you’re suffering from a mental health concern and therefore, you’re more most likelymost likely to be having a hard timedealing with daily costs.

    The complimentary service from CAP has won a number of national awards and the charity is regardedconsidered as an industry leader for helping the most susceptible individuals with an uniquely in-depth service. CAP is likewise often recommended by TELEVISION’s Money Saving Specialist Martin Lewis.

    The point is, stated Julia, if you’re feeling low and monetary problems are part of that, we desirewish to learn through you. CAP’s system is excellent for individuals who are having a hard time due to the fact that we come to see you in your housein your house, CAP’s personnel at the head office in Bradford work out with all your creditors and we arrange all the documentation. It’s also absolutely totally free and for everyone, whatever their age, gender, faith or background.

    In a current survey, 94 per cent of CAP clients described the service as “a fantastic assistance” and even “life transforming” so we hope individuals will provide us a ring and book in for us to come and see them.

    She added that on 5 May, MPs in the Houseyour house of Commons went over the faith neighborhood’s positive contribution to society. City Evangelical Church in Beeston is delighted to be part of that in the regional area.

    If you need assistanceassist with financial obligation problems see or call 0800 328 0006 Advert:< ins


    = adsbygoogle

    . design = display: block.

    data-ad-client = ca-pub-8899867274204405.

    data-ad-slot = 1310705774. data-ad-format = automobile > Related:: Scridb filter.

    Possible Soda Tax Triggering A Stir

    HAZLETON– Philadelphia might quickly become the very first major United States city with a sugary beverages tax. City council is expected to vote on the proposition Thursday night.

    The soda tax would set a 1.5 cent per ounce tax on sweet and diet plan drinks.

    In Philly on Thursday there were protests for and against the tax.

    In the greater Hazleton location, we discovered some with strong sensations.

    What sellers tell us is theyre going to be forced to pass this tax on to consumers, and that this will raise taxes on countless items, said Anthony Campisi, Philadelphians Versus Grocery Tax.

    The possible ripple result of this soda tax spreading out throughout the state has soda lovers we spoke to in Hazleton concerned.

    Theyre crazy. I love soda therefore does my kids. If they do that, Then I think I quit drinking soda, said Danielle Whitenight.

    Thats precisely what soda business fear but precisely what some say must occur.

    I think its a fantastic concept, said Kristopher Hoglund. I indicate soda is causing a lot of harm to many Americans health with weight problems and all that. If you tax it, its going to make people refrain from doing it as much.

    The proposed 1.5 cent tax in Philadelphia would assist pay for universal Pre-K and likewise helpassist with financial obligation in the city.

    While some would like to see a soda tax, to assistto assist struggling cities regional authorities around here state its too early to talk about that.

    All them are confessing however, their eyes are on Philly and what ends up happening there.

    Malena Magnolia: Art, Mud And Social Justice

    Whenever I pick up a brush and start to blend watercolor pigment on a palette, any stress I had previous to taking a seat at my art table go away practically right away. I benefit straight from what I perceive to be the healing nature of painting. JustPut simply, I paint for me.

    Then there are those who use art in a more generous manner by helping others recognize the lots of benefits of imaginative expression. Sharing in creative experiences can have a favorable affect on an individual’s psychological outlook and sense of well being. Simple acts of creativity might even provide a quick respite from physical or emotional problems.

    In this edition of From The Blue Chair: Interviews With Regional Artists, artist and social justice activist Malena Magnolia discusses mud stencils and how the extremely nature of this art kind is a metaphor for healing. Provide a listen (above).

    On a warm mid-morning in late April, I checked out with Malena at Lift Coffee ShopCoffee bar and Caf on Broad Street. It was a great day to take our coffee to the back outdoor patio. As the city sounds from the hectic street mixed with classic rock playing through the patio speakers, Malena shared with me how she uses art in a collaborative manner to bring interest to social concerns impacting females.

    Early on, mud stenciling was discussed. I asked Malena to inform me more about this art form. In a nutshell, designs are hand cut into clear Dura-Lar sheets, a waterproof and resilient plastic which can accommodate multiple stenciling applications. A muddy mixture of red clay and water is applied to the stencil utilizing a sponge. Melana noted that the plentiful Virginia red clay makes a perfectly smooth stenciling medium, perfect to draw out the details of a design.

    For Malena, operating in a studio environment was inadequate. She felt that her art requiredhad to exceed the boundaries of studio walls– to help others develop through collaborative experiences. To that end, Malena utilizes mud stenciling to bring interest to social justice concerns, in certain the many challenges females deal with revolving around gender and sexuality– problems that affected her on an extremely personal level at an early age.

    As a survivor of sexual violence, Melana took on a chance in 2015 to facilitate mud stencil workshops with The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative in Charlottesville. Anyone in the neighborhood was welcome to participate in creating evanescent works of art to fight a history of sexual violence in the area. The workshops became part of the interactive exhibit “No More Violence: A Neighborhood In Healing And The Struggle For Safety” and was open to the general public for 2 months at The Bridge PAI. The collective effort not just brought focus to sexual violence in the location, however also promoted recovery through artistic expression. Melana feels that– unlike traditional spray painted stencils– the ephemeral nature of this art kind is an excellent methodan excellent way to think about healing in general.

    Malena’s participation with The Bridge PAI result in interactions with Art 180 and their efforts in working with Performing Statistics, a social justice group that connects incarcerated teenagers with artists, teachers, and Virginia’s leading policy advocates to transform the juvenile justice system. This summer season (2016), Malena considers to present more incarcerated youth to this expressive art kind.

    Malena will likewise lead mud stenciling workshops at Girls Rock! RVA, a complimentary week-long musical camp which aims to empower women, gender non-conforming, and trans youth through music, art and advocacy.

    Malena easily states that she is an open book. This permitted me to comprehend why she have a strong desire to advocate on the behalf of women, especially those who have actually experienced sexual violence. By continuously asking how she can use art to assist promote healing or to assist in a discussion, Malena makes every effort to bring social justice problems into the public area through shared art experiences and community advocacy.

    For the Community Concept Stations, I’m Marshall Lloyd.

    Trump Slams Clintons, States Hillary And Bill Turned ‘politics Of Personal Enrichment Into An Art Type’

    Trump said Tuesday that the ex-Secretary of State and her hubby had turned the politics of individual enrichment into an art form for themselves. He accused them of offering access and federal government agreements in order to improve themselves and suggested Clinton used a personal homebrew e-mail server to conceal it.

    Speaking at a triumph rally Tuesday at one of his golf courses in rural New york city City, Trump also stated he would be giving a major speech about the Clintons most likely Monday.

    Trump spoke a brief time before Clinton, now the presumptive Democratic governmental nominee, was expected to state victory in her parties primaries.

    Sligo Artist Dan Leydon Makes Soccer An Art Form

    < figure id= attachment_25869 design= width: 500px class =wp-caption aligncenter >< figcaption class= wp-caption-text >

    Sligo artist Dan Leydon makes soccer an art type You might not understand Sligo’s Dan Leydon but the possibilities are you have actually seen his work in adverts and posters

    Whether it’s Eric Cantona’s collar fluttering in the wind as a seagull sits atop his head, Diego Simeone studying Sun Tzu’s The Art of War as he plots the failure of Real Madrid, or a bending Zlatan Ibrahimovic revealingflaunting his remarkable collection of top-flight medals and equally impressive array of tattoos, you’ll have come across Dan Leydon’s work.

    Football art is a growing market, with numerous skilled people aiming to portray the game’s stars in a variety of imaginative methods.

    Dan Leydon belongs to this blossoming club. He is also his own manager, a self-taught illustrator and the owner of an especially broad creativity. Above all though, he is a football fan, and a Sligo guy.

    He still lives and operates in his native Strandhill, though he has just recently made the “attractive transition” from drawing footballers in his bedroom to drawing footballers in his workplace. His house town is plainly very essentialessential to him and he acknowledges how nice it is to be able to operate in the place where he matured.

    “Sitting on my toilet, I can keep an eye out of my window and see a) the sea, b) the national school I went to and c) the forest, behind which sits my workplace – I do not knowdo not know if Branson or Zuckerberg have it that excellent,” he stated. If Strandhill is his very first love, there’s no doubting his second.

    “I would state 99 per cent of what I draw is to do with football,” he described. “I have actually done a few browsing pieces too, in addition to literature, video games and film but beyond that I have actually never ever really attempted anything else.

    “I love football and am hopelessly enthralled by it.” By his own admission, he’s been fortunate – his social networks existence has actually truly removed and he now invests his time dealing with numerous football-themed tasks for customers such as Nike and ESPN.

    < blockquote class = instagram-media design = background: #FFF; border: 0; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: 0 0 1px 0 rgba (0,0,0,0.5),0 1px 10px 0 rgba (0,0,0,0.15); margin: 1px; max-width: 658px; cushioning: 0; width: calc (100 % - 2px); data-instgrm-captioned = data-instgrm-version = 7 >

    Maher: The Media Isn’t Really Left-Leaning, It’s ‘Money-Leaning’

    In the Overtime section of his program last night, Costs Maher said the media is more money-leaning than it is left-leaning.

    Maher brought up recent reports that Donald Trump is preparing to construct a media empire after the election, and One America News Emily Miller said its a great ideaa great idea because theres very little conservative media out there.

    She went through the list of all the networks and called them left-leaning. Maher reacted, Theyre money-leaning They would have to find out something to obtain left-leaning They root for the horserace.

    He also entered a back-and-forth with Miller over Trumps kinda third-world-y revocation of news outlets press credentials.

    Miller brought up how President Obama booted reporters off the project aircraft after their papers supported John McCain.

    View above (the appropriate part starts at 4:19), via HBO.

    [image via screengrab]

    Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac