AG Healey Takes Stand On Precision In Credit Reporting

BOSTON– Lawyer General Maura Healey, signed up with by 12 of her peers from throughout the nation, led the filing of an amicus quick with the Supreme Court today, asking the justices to acknowledge that consumers suffer when businesses make decisions about their lives based on incorrect information.

Writing in support of the respondent in the case Spokeo v. Robins, Healey and the other attorneys basicattorney generals of the united states stated they intend to ensure the citizens of their respective states have equivalent access to “opportunities essential for social and financial wellness, specifically in the areas of credit, work, housing and insurance coverage.”

The case alleges that the people search site Spokeo willfully violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act by failing to preserve procedures to guarantee the precision of personal information collected and then shared about respondent Thomas Robins, causing him to lose valuable task chances.

“We stay in a data-driven economy, where our personal data is consistently collected, gotten, and sold without our understanding,” Healey stated in a statement. “This data is frequently utilized as the basis for giving someone housing, insurance coverage, a credit line, or a job. Individuals ought to not be penalized or lose out on these opportunities because inaccurate information about them has been distributed.”

According to Healey’s brief, data brokers regularly collect individual information about customers to compile an information profile, which they offer to companies and market as predictors of a consumer’s future behavior and risk level as a staff member, occupant or customer.