Murder Charges Follow After Male Calls News Station On Missing Out On Wisconsin Woman

Ferreira said he took a look at Jopek sternly and said: You are going downstairs.He admitted to

shoving her and informed authorities that he saw her struck the railing and wall and be up to the basement floor. He said she wasnt moving when he walked down the stairs.Ferreira said he believed she was knocked out

, and that he saw that as an opportunity.He informed a detective he fondled her.

He informed a crisis counselor, according to the document, he had his method with her. Chris Gegg, news director at WISN 12, said Monday that Ferreira informed an early morning show manufacturer he had sex with her.The authorities file says he recognized her neck was broken when he selected her up from the floor and saw her head was turned unnaturally.He informed authorities he buried her underneath the back porch.Tousignant has actually said that when she went looking for her

daughter, she went to the house. She said she went to the front door and believes that if she had gone to the back she could have discovered her daughter.The case went cold for 17 months up until someone repairing the deck came throughoutstumbled upon the body.Police considered Ferreira and others as suspects, however never submitted charges until this recent confession.Ferreira has actually been charged with second-degree murder and

deals with 20 years in prison. He has been kept in the Milwaukee County Jail.The State Public Defenders Workplace decreased remark on the case Monday.Associated Press